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Purple Gold Buddha statue

Buddha statues home decor

Buddh statue home decor

Buy Lord statues for peace meditation  prayers

Buy custom made Buddha-statues in India

Buddha statue selection and correct placement

A good number of people can be found to collect various types of statutes for decorating their home. Nowadays, you can come across Buddha statues of all sizes that have become quite popular. Many have been purchasing them to install inside their homes as well as the garden space. Some consider this type of statue to be a mere decorative piece while others to improve their home’s Feng Shui or to create a peaceful spot to meditate.

Buddha statues
Buddha statues


The Lord statues represent diverse physical Buddhas. At the same time, it also showcases Buddhist teachings that include meditation, protection and inner peace. There are different types of statues of Buddha readily available in the market made from diverse materials. It includes the Buddha Head, serious Buddhas and the laughing Buddha.

There are available statutes of Buddha and other popular figures that do make great collections and showpieces at the home. But antique original is quite rare as well as very expensive. You do not have to worry as there are available good copies in the market like Lord Buddha statues, jewelry, incense holders, etc. Materials like paper, metal, concrete and stone are used in its construction. You may choose something that fits best your preferences and budget.

Do’s and Don’ts concerning correct placement

customized buddha statues India
customized buddha statues India


Proper placing of the Buddha statues will offer your home with positive energy, prosperity, good health and peace. ‘Shakyamuni Buddha’ or ‘Happy Budha’ is perhaps a popular statue that is sure to offer abundance and good luck. You may consider purchasing such statues in pairs or even threes as desired. There are however, some do’s and don’ts that you are to be aware of when placement is concerned:

  • The statue should not be placed in unsanitary surroundings such as the toilet, kitchen or bathroom.
  • The place where you plan to install it should be clutter-free and clean.
  • Placing the statue in the garden space can be an excellent choice for protection and meditation.
  • Do not place the statutes close to machineries having electrical outputs or moving parts, computers, TVs, etc.
  • It will be a better idea to place the statue facing eastwards towards sunrise.
  • Buddha should be facing your home to derive abundance.
  • Avoid placing the statue on the ground directly.

Therefore, choosing statues of choice of material and placing them at the right place is sure to enhance your home décor. It will also provide peace and prosperity.


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Buy  statues for peace meditation  prayers

Buy custom made Budha statues in India

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