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Nesting tables India

Nesting tables India

Nesting tables India

Nesting tables India : Enhance your room style without occupying much space

The home needs to be made a beautiful face. Without furniture, it also looks incomplete. You may consider installing Nesting tables that offer a versatile surface to display and place items. They are portable and can be move around, expanded and contracted as and when desired. Such self storing tables have been designed to develop an impromptu counter space, be it in the bedroom, balcony or the living room.

Nesting tables India
Nesting tables India


Nesting tables India rather can be used as single table or group of tables. They are best used to display coffee table books, art, etc. Size graded tables are meant to be used at entryways or hallways to display decorative accessories.

Some valuable recommendations

  • Set of 2 tables: This set has been crafted with a unique shape having hairpin legs that appears minimal and chic. They are ideal for those living in studio-sized apartment. The tops are created from wood while legs from good quality engineered wood. The bigger table’s height is around 18.5” while that of smaller one is 16.5”.
  • Coffee tables: It has a sturdy, semi-circular steel leg design and circular tabletop. They appear unique and contemporary. Both can be used to place cups, accessories, magazines and remotes.
  • Circular tables: They have been designed to contrast colored legs and table top. They do make great choices to any modern home. Mango wood is used for the table top while legs are constructed from steel. Their height is around 52 and 42 cm.
  • Honey finished Nesting tables: It is created from Sheesham wood, featuring warm honey finish. The large, medium and small table height is around 45, 34 and 23 cm respectively. Being sleek tables, they are just perfect to be used in bedrooms, balconies and living rooms. The table’s warm wooden look is sure to gel well with diverse decor styles.
  • Tables having gold legs: Such tables can be found to display purely glamorous look and sure to modernize the living space. They do make a real treat especially for sore eyes. These tables have gold, shiny legs in geometric, sleek shape appearing aesthetically pleasing. They have metallic legs and wooden top.
Premium center table side table
Premium center table side table

Perfect choice for modern homes!

Nesting tables India do make wonderful choices for all types of homes. You just need to go through the available category and find something that will fit perfectly your space. Choose a design and type that best defines your personality and style.


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