5 feet Buddha statue


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Buy this Beautiful 60 inch five feet Buddha statue for your home and garden

It can be customized any colours and delivered all across India

  • 175 cm (5 feet)
  • marble dust
  • premium quality
  • good face
  • meditating pose
  • any colour on demand
  • colour combinations
  • 7 days dispatch time approximate
  • all India home delivery
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5 Feet Buddha Statue: A Spiritual Elegance for Your Home

What Makes This Buddha Statue Special?

When it comes to enriching your living space, nothing can quite capture the essence of spirituality and serenity like a 5-feet Buddha statue. This premium figurine isn’t just a decorative item—it’s an embodiment of peace, a beacon of tranquility, and a centerpiece that transforms your home into a sanctuary.


5 feet Buddha statue
5 feet Buddha statue

Origin of the Masterpiece


This masterpiece is crafted with utmost care by Blue Ribbon, a brand that takes pride in its Indian roots.

Material Used

Crafted from marble dust fiber, this statue ensures durability and adds a touch of magnificence.

Features of the 5 Feet Buddha Statue

Detailed Design

The intricate detailing on the statue exemplifies not just craftsmanship but a deep respect for the spiritual nature of the Buddha.

Customizable Colors

Yes, you heard it right! The statue can be customized in any color combination to match your home decor.

Made of Marble Dust Fiber

The marble dust fiber offers a lightweight yet robust build that’s ideal for both indoor and outdoor setups.

Placing the Buddha Statue in Your Home

five feet Buddha statue
five feet Buddha statue

Best Locations for Spiritual Impact

A Buddha statue can help improve the flow of ‘chi’ in the home. To maximize its spiritual benefits, consider placing it in the living room or garden.


Feng Shui Considerations

Following the Feng Shui principles, the Buddha should face the entrance of your home to channel positive energy.

Care and Maintenance

Cleaning Tips

Maintaining the Buddha statue is a breeze. A simple wipe down with a soft cloth is generally all it takes.

Weather Resistance

The marble dust fiber makes the statue weather-resistant, offering you peace of mind when placing it outdoors.

How to Purchase the Statue

Buying Guide

Purchasing this 5-feet Buddha statue is as simple as visiting Blue Ribbon’s online store,, and placing an order.

Online Store: not only ensures a seamless purchasing experience but also provides timely delivery and excellent customer service.

Why Choose Blue Ribbon?

Reputation and Quality

Blue Ribbon has been a trusted name for quality craftsmanship and its made-in-India initiative.

Indian Craftsmanship

The statue reflects the exceptional skill and artistry of Indian craftspeople, making it a truly unique piece.


A 5-feet Buddha statue from Blue Ribbon is more than just a decorative piece; it’s a lifelong investment in peace and serenity. Its intricate design, customization options, and robust material make it the perfect addition to your home or garden.


  1. What is the material used for the statue?
    • Marble dust fiber
  2. Can I customize the colors?
    • Absolutely, yes.
  3. Is the statue suitable for outdoor placement?
    • Yes, it’s weather-resistant.
  4. Where can I purchase the statue?
    • You can buy it online at
  5. Is it easy to maintain the statue?
    • Very much so, a simple wipe down is usually enough.

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