6 seat dining table




Full set of heavy dining table and chairs. 



shipping : included

material : frame is metal and top is marble

metal used : stainless steel 304

Marble : Indian or italian

color : gold matte , gold gloss , rosegold and chrome available

Finishing : default is electroplating and PVD also available on demand

Ful set dining table chairs
6 seat dining table 106,666.67157,142.86

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6 seat dining table

SS steel dining table chairs

full set of chairs and table


This is a 6 seat dining table of modern design for latest Indian home decor interior design homes . All India home delivery and also customisation available


Bombay dining table
Bombay dining table


Fine dining is a type of dining experience that incorporates exquisite cooking with excellent service. It is also an experience that is primarily centered around the senses of taste and smell. In this way, fine dining highlights the aromas and flavours of food to give the diner a sensory experience. This type of dining has become synonymous with extravagance and class. In some parts of the world, fine dining means eating at a Michelin-starred restaurant or from a five-star hotel. In other words, fine dining is not cheap and it typically involves elaborate dishes prepared by an experienced chef.

6 seater dining tables
6 seater dining tables


A look at the characteristics of good fine dining options defines what makes an option good for the senses in this context. For example, an appetizer should be light enough so that it does not delay the diner’s appetite but should still be substantial enough to whet appetites until the main course appears.


Subsequently, there should be just enough courses so that they do not cause excessive hunger pangs but will fill everyone up without going over anyone’s caloric limit or making anyone feel too stuffed afterward. Furthermore, all courses should taste good so there will be no cavities filled with enjoyable food later on— especially if they were heavy enough to delay one’s appetite again with dessert courses! The best courses are interactive as well; waiters should suggest complementary options based on what their diners like so as to tailor their fine dining experience to each person individually

SS steel dining table
SS steel dining table
Ful set dining table chairs
Ful set dining table chairs



Ful set chairs dining table


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