Dolphin centre table


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Buy this marvellous Dolphin Centre Table to adorn your new home in India and you will be joyous of its design and sophistication looks

  • Size : L = 38 inch
  •           W= 18 inch
  •           H = 16 inch
  • Colours : Gold. Rose gold, Chrome, Black
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  • all India home delivery
  • faux marble top

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Dolphin Centre Table: A Masterpiece of Elegance and Practicality


In the realm of home décor, a center table is not just a functional piece; it is, indeed, the cornerstone of living room aesthetics. For example, the Dolphin Centre Table, offered exclusively by, stands as a testament to this truth. It marries luxury with functionality, featuring marble and stainless steel. Moreover, it boasts the added benefit of home delivery, making it a convenient choice for any homeowner.

Dolphin Coffee Table
Dolphin Coffee Table


Design and Craftsmanship

Obviously, the Dolphin Centre Table’s marble top speaks volumes about its durability and elegance. No two pieces are alike, each flaunting the unique beauty of natural stone. Furthermore, the stainless steel base, finished in gold, adds a layer of sophistication and perfectly complements the marble. Inspired by the majestic dolphin, the table’s design is a symbol of grace and intelligence. Hence, the base not only provides stability but also serves as a visual highlight.

Customization and Versatility

Acknowledging diverse tastes and needs, allows for customization of the Dolphin Centre Table. Options to adjust the size and color are available, ensuring the table can seamlessly integrate into any setting. Consequently, it transcends being mere furniture to become a bespoke element of your home décor.

Dolphin Centre Table
Dolphin Centre Table

Made in India: A Commitment to Excellence

Because, its crafted in India, the Dolphin Centre Table is a showcase of exemplary craftsmanship. Indian artisans, renowned for their skill in marble and metalwork, apply their meticulous techniques to create this piece. Therefore, the table is not just aesthetically pleasing but also exemplifies high quality.

Convenience and Accessibility

Whereas, in today’s world, convenience is paramount. meets this need by offering home delivery for the Dolphin Centre Table. The process of purchasing online is straightforward, thus making acquiring this piece of luxury a hassle-free experience.

Customer Reviews

  • Mumbai: “Absolutely in love with the marble top. It’s become the focal point of our living room.” – Priya K.
  • Delhi: “The option to customize size was a game-changer. Fits our space like a glove.” – Amit S.
  • Bangalore: “Impressed with the quick delivery. The table is even more stunning in person.” – Rhea P.
  • Kolkata: “Exceptional craftsmanship. It’s elevated our home’s aesthetic.” – Arjun N.

    SS centre Table steel
    SS centre Table steel


  • Q: Can the table bear heavy items?
    • A: Absolutely. Its marble and stainless steel construction ensures robustness.
  • Q: Is assembling the table complicated?
    • A: Not at all. It’s designed for straightforward assembly.
  • Q: What’s the best way to maintain the marble top?
    • A: Simply. Use a soft cloth and gentle cleaner to keep it pristine.

      marble top coffee table
      marble top coffee table


To sum up, the Dolphin Centre Table is more than just a piece of furniture; it’s a harmonious blend of beauty and functionality. Besides, its designed with care in India. It’s durable, adaptable, and undeniably elegant. Available for purchase through, it stands ready to become the centrepiece of your home.

Again, if you’re on the lookout for a statement piece that marries elegance with practicality, the Dolphin Centre Table is an impeccable choice. It promises not only to enhance your home décor but also to mirror your distinct taste and style.


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