Feather and Birds




Feather and Birds

metal wall decor + 5 birds

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Feather and Birds
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Explore the Enchantment of Feather and Birds Wall Decor

Feather and birds-themed metal wall decor captivates the imagination of homeowners across India. Exclusively crafted, this artistic piece, featuring a large white feather with LED backlights and birds, is a marvel of home decor. Proudly made in India, it’s a highlight on, bringing elegance and charm to any interior space.

Feather and Birds
Feather and Birds

Symbolism and Style in Harmony

Feathers symbolize freedom, and birds represent peace; their combination in home decor infuses a room with tranquility and inspiration. This wall decor melds these elements beautifully. Consequently, it transforms any area into a serene sanctuary, ideal for relaxation and reflection.

A Fusion of Traditional Elegance and Modern Design

Remarkably, this wall decor intertwines traditional motifs with contemporary flair. The LED backlighting, a modern touch, enhances the intricate details of the feather and birds. As a result, it creates an awe-inspiring visual centerpiece.

From Mumbai to Kerala: A Pan-Indian Appeal

Whether gracing a bustling Mumbai apartment or a serene Kerala home, this wall decor fits seamlessly. Its versatility in complementing various interior designs, from modern to traditional, makes it a favorite across India.

What Enthusiastic Customers Say

“This wall decor transformed my living room,” exclaims Priya from Delhi, impressed by its impact. Echoing her sentiment, a Bengaluru resident notes, “The LED backlighting sets a warm, welcoming tone. It’s a fantastic addition to my home.”

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the LED lighting customizable? Indeed, you can adjust the LED backlighting to fit the mood and setting of your room.
  • Is nationwide delivery available? Certainly, ensures this exquisite decor piece reaches every corner of India.
  • What size is this wall decor? Its size is carefully chosen to ensure it enhances any space it adorns.
Feather Birds metal wall decor
Feather Birds metal wall decor

Accentuating Indian Homes with Artistic Flair

In art-loving cities like Chennai and Kolkata, this wall decor is especially revered. It transcends mere decoration, embodying a story that resonates with cultural aficionados.

The Pinnacle of Craftsmanship

The meticulous craftsmanship behind this piece reflects a deep appreciation for art and interior design. The feather’s intricate detailing and the birds’ delicate portrayal exemplify skill and attention to detail.

Where Style Meets Practicality

This wall decor is not just aesthetically pleasing but also functional. The LED backlighting, especially, transforms room ambiances, making it perfect for diverse settings, be it day or night.

Conclusion: A Masterpiece of Art and Illumination

No matter where you are in India, from Pune to Jaipur, this feather and birds metal wall decor is an essential addition to your home. It’s not just an item of elegance; it’s a beacon of creativity and a tribute to the exquisite Indian craftsmanship. takes pride in bringing this unique piece into homes across the nation, adding sophistication and character to every space it graces.

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2 reviews for Feather and Birds

  1. Shwetha

    Need dis wall decor

    • Vijay A N

      you can order in this link.

  2. Manas Kumar Ghosh

    Kindly send derails viz size, material and fixing details so that it can be ordered.

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