Florence Console Table


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Elevate Your Home with Florence Marble Top Golden Console Table – Luxury Interior Design. The best Entryway table with Gold Stainless Steel & Marble for Indian Homes</p>

  1. Size is 45 x 36 x 15
  2. Premium SS 304
  3. Golden electroplating
  4. wooden drawers
  5. heavy design
  6. customization available
  7. Colours : gold, rose gold, chrome
  8. marble top is faux
  9. 2 weeks dispatch time
  10. all India home delivery

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The Florence Console Table: A Blend of Luxury and Customization

Discover the Elegance

Indeed, the Florence Console Table stands as a testament to the luxurious fusion of aesthetics and functionality. Crafted with precision, it boasts a premium golden frame and a luxury marble top, destined to elevate the grandeur of any living space. But what truly sets the Florence apart is its customization feature, tailored to meet the diverse preferences of discerning customers.

Florence entryway Table
Florence entryway Table

The Essence of Luxury

Materials and Design
At first glance, the Florence Console Table captivates with its golden electroplating coating on the base, ensuring not just an opulent look but also durability. The drawers add a practical element, seamlessly integrated into the design without compromising on style. The marble top, rich in veining and color, promises a unique piece for every owner, as no two slabs are identical.

Tailored to Your Taste

Customization and Colors
Moreover, the Florence Console Table can be customized according to customer preferences, including sizes and colors. This means whether your space demands a compact piece or a statement-making console, the Florence adapts. The frame colors – gold, rose gold, chrome, and black – offer versatility, ensuring a perfect match for any interior theme.

luxurious SS console Table
luxurious SS console Table

Crafted with Care

Made in India
Proudly made in India by, the Florence Console Table exemplifies craftsmanship and attention to detail. Its creation not only supports local artisans but also ensures a product that’s built to last, reflecting the rich heritage and skill inherent in Indian manufacturing.

Hassle-Free Purchase

Availability and Delivery
Available exclusively through the online store, purchasing the Florence Console Table is a seamless experience. With pan-India delivery, it doesn’t matter if you’re nestled in the bustling streets of Mumbai or the historical lanes of Jaipur; this piece of luxury can be yours, delivered with utmost care to your doorstep.

The Perfect Addition

Where to Place It?
But where does the Florence Console Table fit best in your home? Its versatility makes it suitable for various spaces – be it as a sophisticated entryway piece in Delhi or as a chic accent in a Bangalore living room. The elegance of the table can also complement a luxury bedroom in Kolkata, offering both style and functionality.

India SS display Table
India SS display Table

Customer Testimonials

Hearing from the Owners
Customers who have introduced the Florence into their homes share glowing reviews. A client from Chennai mentioned, “The Florence Console Table transformed our entryway. Its luxury marble top catches the eye, while the golden frame adds a warm glow. A perfect piece!” Another from Hyderabad expressed, “The customization option was a game changer. Adjusting the size to fit our space made the Florence feel truly ours.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Queries Answered

  • Can the marble top be chosen based on my interior?
    Absolutely! We understand the importance of matching your interiors, which is why we offer a selection process for the marble top during customization.
  • Is assembly required upon delivery?
    The Florence Console Table comes mostly assembled. Minimal effort is required, ensuring you can enjoy your luxury piece without any hassle.

    Florence Console Table
    Florence Console Table


A Testament to Luxury and Personalization
In conclusion, the Marbletop Table is more than just a piece of furniture. It’s a symbol of luxury, customization, and craftsmanship. Designed to be as unique as its owner, it promises to be a focal point in any room. Whether you’re in Pune or Patna, this table brings a touch of elegance directly to your door.

Looking to Elevate Your Space?
If the Florence Console Table has caught your eye, why not explore further? Visit today to see how this exquisite piece can transform your space. And remember, whether it’s adjusting the size or picking the perfect frame color, the Florence is yours to personalize.

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