Fur lamp


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Feather lamp

  1. height : 153 cm (5 feet)
  2. Top is fur or feather lamp
  3. stand is metal
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fur lamp

feather lamp 

India fur lamp feather

Do you have a home with a modern and minimalist style? If so, You can add some natural light to your interior decor by using fur lamp feather lamps.

Where to Place Your  Lamp

Commonly, fur lamps are best suited for bedroom nightstands or living room end tables. However, they can also serve as a central light source when opted for in grander sizes.

How to Choose the Right designer Lamp

Prioritize dimensions and lampshade material. Make sure to consider the fur’s color to ensure it complements your room’s color scheme. Additionally, look for dimmable options for added versatility.

Maintaining Your Fur 

Regular dusting is necessary. Nevertheless, for deeper cleans, consulting professional services is recommended to preserve the fur’s texture.

Pairing with Other Home Decor

Fur lamps pair exceptionally well with minimalistic furniture and rustic elements. They add texture and depth, enhancing the overall visual appeal.

designer lights
designer lights


These lamps come in all types of colours and styles, making them perfect for any room in your house. They are also very easy to install, requiring just a few wires that run between the bulb and the plug. Whether you’re looking to create an elegant bedroom environment or simply want more light during daytime hours, these lamps will be perfect additions to your collection.

 feather lamp
feather lamp


Its a decorative item that has a unique style. It is usually made of various materials, such as feathers, fur, and tassels. People use it as an interior decoration for their homes. It can also be used as a nightstand or table lamp.

soft lamp feather
soft lamp feather


You need to decide what type of  feather lamp you want. There are some options that you can choose from. You can also get a fur lamp with a cast resin base. This type of base is designed to hold multiple  feathers. You can also get a fur lamp with fur sides. This type of lamp comes with a fake fur side.  . This type of base is designed to hold multiple fur lamp feathers.

India fur design
India fur design


There are many benefits of having a feather lamp in your home. Benefits of having a designer lamp are that it is unique and stylish. It also adds a touch of luxury to your home.

decorative lamps
decorative lamps


Check this metal Tree wall decor !!


feather lamp

India fur lamp feather

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