Gemini Premium Mirror


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wow that’s a wonderful venetian mirror for bathroom and bedroom Indian homes

  1. 76 cm
  2. Venetian mirror
  3. make in India
  4. high quality venetian round Mirror all India delivery
  5. 1 week dispatch
  6. any size customization

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Gemini Premium Mirror

Venetian mirror

Indian luxury mirrors

Premium India venetian Mirror with special design. Take a look at our Gemini Premium Mirror , its a special Mirror for Indian homes.

Did you ended up here searching for venetian Mirrors for delivery in India, and you did not find exactly what you needed ?

Unquestionably,  we do have some unique shapes and we can deliver in any sizes you need. Without a doubt, thats an amazing thing because now you can tell us what size you need . The same size which is best for your bedroom or living room or bathroom . we will deliver the same ! so thats that isnt it ?

If you are looking for venetian round Mirror and its too much price for you to adfford ?

Yes we know Buying venetian glass mirrors in India is not much of a sasta item to buy. Infact, it used to be purchased by rich people and celebrities . Its Mostly the upper class in India who buy eventian mirrors. But those are huge and humongous large mirrors . These kind of big mirrors can be afforded by the upper class India only.

Nevertheless,  we at Blue ribbon decided to make some good quality and low ccst Mirrors for ordinary people. Prices which middle class and upper middle class Indians can afford.

We Hope you will understand how costly it is to make a venetian Mirror! so giving such a premium luxury product at such low prices are definately a great thing!

we can also customize it to any size . Whereas, we cannot make it any smaller we definately can make it bigger as much as you need. Even for Business or corporate houses we do this .



Gemini Premium Mirror

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