Glass partition divider


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Transform Spaces with Steel Screen & Glass Partition Dividers in India. This beautiful and unique design will give more spacious look and privacy to your living halls and office spaces in indi

  1. SS frame
  2. fluted glass
  3. set of 3
  4. 213 x 46 cm per panel
  5. SS golden plated
  6. all India home delivery
  7. customization available

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Discover the Elegance of Steel-Framed Glass Partition Divider


Indeed, the modern office and home landscape is continually evolving, requiring flexible and stylish solutions to create functional spaces. The steel-framed glass partition divider is a perfect example of functionality meeting elegance. Crafted meticulously with a steel frame and golden plate, complemented by fluted glass, these partitions not only enhance the aesthetics of a space but also offer practical room separation.

steel glass partition
steel glass partition

Product Description

Each set includes four sleek, steel-framed glass panels. The frames are finished with a luxurious golden plate, providing a touch of sophistication that is sure to elevate any interior design scheme. The fluted glass, known for its grooved texture, adds an element of privacy while still allowing light to permeate, creating a bright and airy environment.

Why Choose Glass Partition Dividers?

Firstly, these dividers are incredibly versatile. Whether you’re looking to define a workspace in a bustling office in Mumbai or carve out a reading nook in a cozy Bangalore apartment, these dividers are up to the task. The robust steel construction ensures durability, while the golden plating adds an element of luxury without overwhelming the space.

Secondly, the assembly of these partitions is straightforward, ensuring that you can transform your space with ease. The design is thoughtful, considering the needs of dynamic spaces across varying industries and residential areas.

glass partition steel frame
glass partition steel frame

How Do They Enhance Your Space?

In Delhi’s high-end law offices or the creative agencies of Pune, these dividers serve more than just a functional purpose. They act as a statement piece, an expression of style. The light-diffusing fluted glass maintains an open feel while providing subtle separation, making them ideal for places where communication and openness are still required.

Customer Reviews

“I recently purchased these for our new head office in Kolkata, and they’ve completely transformed the space. They’re not just partitions; they are pieces of art!” – Aparna Gupta

“Functional, stylish, and easy to install. It was just what our startup in Hyderabad needed to define different working areas without committing to permanent walls.” – Jayesh Reddy

SS pvd glass dividers
SS pvd glass dividers

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are the glass panels safe for homes with children? A: Absolutely! The glass used in our partitions is tempered for increased safety, making it ideal for both home and office environments.

Q: Can these partitions be used in outdoor settings? A: These partitions are designed for indoor use. The materials used are best kept away from direct exposure to harsh outdoor elements.

Q: How do I care for the golden-plated frames? A: The frames are very low maintenance. Regular dusting and occasional wiping with a soft, damp cloth will keep them looking as good as new.

Q: Is there flexibility in how the panels can be arranged? A: Yes, each panel can be independently moved, allowing you full control over the layout of your space.


The steel-framed glass partition dividers are more than just a practical room separation solution. They are a blend of beauty and functionality, designed to seamlessly integrate into various decor styles, from traditional to contemporary. Ideal for segmenting spaces in offices, homes, and studios across India, from Chennai’s bustling commercial hubs to the serene residential quarters of Jaipur, these partitions promise not just utility but an enhancement to your decor.

For those who value aesthetics as much as function, these glass partitions from are an investment worth considering. Curious to see how they can transform your space? Visit the online store today for pan-India delivery and turn your vision into reality.

Glass partition divider
Glass partition divider


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