India macrame bed




Material : macrame

Height ; 72 inch

length & width : 60 x 40 inches

base : metal

package : 1 swing and mattress & cushions

COD : available with extra 1000 rs booking

Delivery : all India

India macrame bed
India macrame bed 25,000.00 13,700.00

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India macrame bed

Macrame hammock bed

Beautiful macrame swing

Who doesn’t love a swing? But when you have a busy schedule, there is just no time to build one for yourself. Also when it comes to kids and their swings, safety is always an issue. This beautiful India macrame bed is the right solution for you .

Do you remember the feeling of swinging on a swing, just letting your mind drift away? It’s in our nature as human beings to need to swing.
Solution: You can get this amazing swing from our store today.

India macrame bed
India macrame bed


It can be really tough to find a place to relax at home or at work. Kids love swings and hammocks but finding a place for them to use them can be a challenge.

Get a beautiful handmade macrame swing that looks good anywhere. The tropical look of these Macrame swings makes them the perfect vacation bed and they’re easy to hang indoors or out.
Solution: Hang a Macrame swing right where you need one.

Macrame hammock bed
Macrame hammock bed


Being uncomfortable when you are trying to relax or sleep is terrible. You don’t need to worry about that when you get a Macrame swing from Handmade Vintage.

If you like the look of the Macrame Swings then you may be wondering how you will get one for yourself.
Solution: The Macrame swings can be found on Etsy and there are plenty available at the moment. They are a great size for adults, teens or children and you may find that you have several people wanting to use yours!

More macrame swings here 

India macrame bed

Macrame hammock bed

Beautiful macrame swing


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