Innova console table

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Elevate Your Space with Innova Premium SS Marble Top Luxurious Innova Console Table  for your home in India

  1. SS frame
  2. golden EPL
  3. Size is 102 L x 92 H x 39 depth ( cm )
  4. Customization available
  5. marble top faux
  6. all India home delivery
  7. 2 weeks dispatch time

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The Innova Console Table: A Masterpiece of Luxury and Functionality


Indeed, the Innova Console Table is more than just furniture; it is a symbol of luxury and modernity in Indian homes. Designed to impress, it offers unparalleled elegance and superior craftsmanship.

Innova entryway table table
Innova entryway table table

Design and Build Quality

Firstly, the table is constructed with a robust stainless steel frame, ensuring durability. Moreover, its golden electroplating on the base not only enhances aesthetic appeal but also adds a rich, luxurious touch to any space.

Customization at Its Best

Secondly, customization is at the forefront with the Innova Console Table. Prospective buyers can choose from an array of sizes and frame colors including gold, rose gold, chrome, and black, thereby ensuring that the table perfectly matches their interior decor.

Innova console table
Innova console table

Versatility in Usage

Additionally, this table excels in versatility. It can function as an entryway table, display table, or accent table, seamlessly adapting to various roles within your living space.

Made in India, for India

Furthermore, the Innova Console Table is proudly made in India by, which guarantees quality and supports local craftsmanship. Also, with pan-India delivery, customers from Kolkata to Mumbai can enjoy this exquisite piece of furniture without hassle.

Customer Reviews

Importantly, feedback from customers further validates the table’s quality and appeal:

  • Priya from Mumbai says, “The rose gold frame I chose brings a warm, sophisticated tone to our home.”
  • Ankit from Delhi comments, “Not only is it beautifully designed, but the build quality also impresses. The delivery was prompt as well.”
  • Sneha from Bangalore remarks, “Being able to adjust the size was crucial for my space, and it fits beautifully.”

    India entryway table
    India entryway table

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Can the Innova Console Table also be used as a TV stand? Certainly! The table’s sturdy build and customizable dimensions make it a practical choice for multiple uses around the home.

Q2: How should one care for the golden electroplating? Regularly dusting and wiping with a damp cloth are recommended. Additionally, it is important to avoid harsh chemicals to preserve the finish.

Q3: How durable is this table over time? Indeed, its stainless steel construction and quality finishes ensure that it remains beautiful and functional for years, withstanding daily use and maintaining its elegant appearance.

Innova console stand
Innova console stand


Therefore, if you are in the market for a piece that marries functionality with aesthetic appeal, the Innova Console Table should be at the top of your list. Its purpose is to not just occupy an area but also to change it.

Ready to Enhance Your Home?

If the Innova Console Table aligns with your taste and needs, visit to customize and purchase your piece. Embrace elegance and modernity with this exquisite console table.

India buffet table white


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