Leaves Metal Decor



  • Material:  Metal
  • Scenes : Autumn leaves
  • Style: Pastoral
  • Types: Art decor
  • Appearance: Metal leaves
  • Usage: wall ornament
  • Type: Wall Decoration
  •  Category: Decorative art hanging
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Leaves Metal Decor

India leafy wall hanging



Metal leaf wall art


The Leaves Metal Decors are a beautiful sight, with their design featuring a soothing combination of white and blue. The use of multiple colours enhances the piece’s visual appeal and makes it stand out from its surroundings.

This metal wall hanging, hand made in India, is a fine example of the work of the country’s skilled artisans. Detailed craftsmanship goes into each and every one, guaranteeing quality and longevity. The clean finish and careful attention to detail show how much love and care went into making this masterpiece.

leaves metal wall decor
leaves metal wall decor



Obviously, its made in India by and distributed all over India on orders. This is a great home decoe wall hanging.

first, Its very cute and nice  and second, it can be customized and third,  its very modern looking wall haning.

This wall decor can be customized as you wish.Incase you want it to match your wall decor or floors or walls. This is something which most sellers do not offer. The reason we do offer this is because Indian home decor and interior design concepts are changing.

Undeniably, people do not want to just buy anything as it is. They want to see whether it fits their current decor. they want  it to match or contrast.

without a doubt, has touched the heart of customers by offering them so many options. You can get all items delivered to your home!

Leaves Metal Decor to adorn your home . make in India metal Leaf wall decor is a very pleasant ambiance Interior and lends a grace to your wall and surroundings and also reminds you of natures kindness and nurturing forces. Make in India near me




India leafy wall hanging

Metal leaf wall art

2 reviews for Leaves Metal Decor

  1. seema basu (verified owner)

    Nice love it

  2. sonali (verified owner)

    thank you will buy more

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