Metal twisted Side table




Metal twisted Side table Customized Nordic marble top home  India side table golden

  • SS frame
  • heavy metal frame
  • Height 56 cm  , Base 33 cm  and top 61 cm
  • Customizable : yes
  • Material : metal
  • TOP : marble faux
  • Dispatch : 2 weeks approx
  • delivery : all India

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Metal twisted Side table

Marble top side tables India

Indian metal and marble décor tables

The Mesmerizing Metal Twisted Side Table Takes Centre Stage in Indian Homes

In the vibrant tapestry of Indian interiors, a new star is emerging to redefine elegance and functionality – the Metal Twisted Side Table. As homes become personal sanctuaries, the demand for statement pieces that seamlessly blend style and utility is on the rise. Enter the Metal Twisted Side Table, a breath-taking fusion of craftsmanship and contemporary design that has captured the hearts of trendsetters across the nation.

Crafted with precision and innovation, this side table transforms any living space into a visual masterpiece. Its unique metal twisted design is not just a testament to the artisan’s skill but also a nod to the evolving tastes of the modern Indian consumer. In a market saturated with conventional furniture, this avant-garde piece stands out as a symbol of individuality and sophistication.

Metal twisted Side table

Marble top side tables India
Marble top side tables India

At first glance, the side Table unveils a harmonious marriage of form and function. Its metallic frame, intricately twisted to create a visually arresting pattern, adds a touch of glamour to any room. The smooth, polished surface not only reflects the ambient light but also doubles as a practical space for displaying cherished artifacts or hosting your favorite reads.

Transitioning seamlessly between design styles, from contemporary to traditional, this side table is a chameleon in the world of furniture. Its versatility is its strength, effortlessly complementing existing décor while introducing a dash of modernity. Whether placed beside a plush sofa, gracing the entryway, or adorning a cozy reading nook, this piece of functional art effortlessly adapts to its surroundings.

Metal twisted Side table

Indian metal and marble decor tables
Indian metal and marble decor tables

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the Twisted Side Table is a also sturdy and  durable . Crafted from steel, this piece not only adds a touch of glamour to your home but also aligns with the your Indian home décor. So when you buy this table , be assured you are helping the community too!!

For those who appreciate the finer things in life, the Metal  Table is an investment that pays dividends in both aesthetics and functionality. Its durability ensures that it becomes a long-lasting companion, gracefully aging with your evolving taste. The timeless appeal of its design transcends fleeting trends, making it a worthy addition to any discerning homeowner’s collection.

As the design landscape in India evolves, the  Twisted Side Table stands at the forefront of innovation, challenging the status quo. Its arrival signals a departure from the mundane, inviting individuals to reimagine their living spaces with a touch of panache. Definitely, this side table not only pays homage to tradition but also embraces the contemporary spirit of the Indian homeowner.

Metal twisted Side table marble
Metal twisted Side table marble


In conclusion, the Metal  Table is a statement piece, and a symbol of the design ethos in India. Elevate your living space with this masterpiece that effortlessly blends artistry, functionality, and sustainability. Welcome a touch of glamour into your home and let the Metal Twisted Side Table redefine luxury.

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