Modern console design


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Modern console design in Matte  gold console with premium marble . Made in India

  1. Luxury India made console table
  2. Full golden frame made in stainless steel and PVD coated
  3. Beautiful modern looks. Premium decor
  4. L 114 x H 91 x depth 38 cm
  5. also available in Rose gold, gloss gold , steel and black
  6. SIZE : 36 ” 24 ” 12

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Modern console design India

marble top console

metal SS 304 steel frame


Modern Console Design: The Elegance of Marble Top SS Console Tables

Introduction to Modern Console Design

What is a Console Table?

Starting in Delhi, let’s dig into what a console table is. Generally situated in hallways or foyers, a console table is a slender yet versatile furniture item. Because of its slim design, it fits perfectly in narrow spaces. Moreover, it complements various interior styles seamlessly.

The Marriage of Marble and Stainless Steel (SS)

Switching gears, have you ever thought about combining marble with stainless steel? When these two robust materials unite, they form a furniture piece that is both durable and classy. Undoubtedly, this blend elevates console tables to a new echelon of elegance.

Key Elements of a Modern Console Table

Design Aesthetics


Now, venturing into Mumbai, let’s talk design. Modern console tables are often minimalistic, featuring clean lines and straightforward forms. In fact, these simple design elements blend well with contemporary interiors.

Material Mix

Additionally, Modern console design don’t stick to one material. You’ll find combinations like wood, glass, metal, and stone. Specifically, a marble top with a stainless steel base provides a modern yet timeless appeal.


Storage Features

Pivoting to Kolkata, we should consider storage. Modern console tables come with various storage features like drawers and bottom shelves. These options make them even more functional.


Furthermore, these tables fit snugly against walls or behind sofas, optimizing space usage in your home.


Why Choose a Marble Top SS Console Table


Firstly, let’s look at durability from a Chennai perspective. The tough nature of marble and the strength of stainless steel make these console tables extremely durable.

Visual Appeal

Secondly, these tables don’t just serve a purpose; they look good doing it. A marble top lends luxury, while stainless steel adds a modern touch.

Made in India – A Mark of Quality

Indian Craftsmanship

In Hyderabad, craftsmanship is revered. Similarly, Indian artisans excel in furniture making, especially when it comes to marble top SS console tables.

Local Materials

Moreover, the use of local marble and steel underscores the product’s authenticity and sustainability.

Shopping for a Marble Top SS Console Table Online

What to Look For

Firstly, when shopping online, pay attention to quality, dimensions, and storage options.

Benefits of Online Shopping

Secondly, the online route offers you the luxury of choice and ease of comparison.

The Blue Ribbon Console Table

Features and Specifications

First and foremost, the Blue Ribbon Marble Top SS Console Table comes with a plethora of features designed to impress. Exclusively available on, it is a product worth considering.

How to Buy

Moreover, buying it is simple. Just visit the website, read through the specifications, and make your purchase.

How to Style Your Marble Top SS Console Table

Décor Ideas

Initially, you can accentuate your table with small décor items like vases or books.

Pairing with Other Furniture

Also, ensure that your console table’s style and color are in harmony with the rest of your furniture.


To sum up, a marble top SS console table is not just a functional piece of furniture; it’s a statement. It reflects your style and can last you a lifetime. Buying one made in India also means you’re supporting local artisans, while simultaneously guaranteeing yourself a quality product.


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