Peacock long clock


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Material : Full metal wall clock another peacock design

  1. size :  91 x 66 cm
  2. warranty : no
  3. Delivery : all India
  4. cod : no cash on delivery

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Peacock long clock

metal wall decor clock

Metal watch hanging

This clock is a beautiful addition to any home. With its intricate peacock design, it will look great on any wall. It is also made from metal and has a quartz movement, so you can trust that it will keep accurate time for years to come

Peacock long clock
Peacock long clock


The metal wall decor clock is a beautiful piece of art that is made in India. The clock is a peacock design and it is made of metal. The metal is treated with a special lacquer that makes it look like a real peacock

The design of the clock is absolutely beautiful. It is made to look like a real peacock feather and it is decorated with beautiful green and gold colours. The clock is divided into three sections and each section has a different color. The section that is at the bottom is decorated with a green colour and the top section is decorated with a gold colour. The middle section is decorated with a mixture of both the green and the gold colours.

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Peacock long clock

metal wall decor clock

Metal watch hanging


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