Rotating Kitchen Stand- 5 Tier


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You definitely need this 5 tier

  1. kitchen rotating rack trolley with wheels
  2. Rotating Kitchen Stand- 5 Tier
  3. full metal
  4. powder coating
  5. full 360 degree rotation
  6. any colour customize

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Rotating Kitchen Stand

Rotating Kitchen Rack

India Multi layer Kitchen storage trolley

5 Tier Kitchen Metal basket for this item Cash on delivery all India is unavailable



A kitchen rack is a household utensil that helps organised and store cookware, dishes, or food items. Racks come in many shapes and sizes; they may be vertical or horizontal, fixed to the wall or movable on casters.







A rotating room rack could be an appliance  to store pots and pans.   It is different from a horizontal or a side-by-side kitchen rack. A rotating kitchen rack can be used to store different sized pots and pans. This Appliance is also known as a trolley. It is a convenient kitchen utensil as it allows you to grab a pan without having to take the whole rack down. This contraption also saves space in your kitchen.


Multi layered Kitchen storage Rack for fruits and vegetables. This is a must for your Kitchen. You must have this to make Life better for your Wife Mother Sister and daughter !

Anti-rust Powder coating for long life
Comes with bubble wrapping in corrugated Box
All colors available

Rotating Kitchen Stand- 5


There are a few benefits of using a rotating kitchen rack. rotating stand  saves you time as you don’t have to take the rack down every time you want to grab a pan.

 . The rack  is a convenient kitchen utensil to have in your home .

This  sturdy Rotating kitchen rack is a effective family utensil that may be used to shop different sized pots and pans . It is also useful when you want to store fruits and vegetables for immediate usage without refrigerating them .



Rotating Kitchen stand

India Multi layer Kitchen storage trolley

5 Tier Kitchen Metal basket



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