Round dining table


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Buy this beautiful Round dining table. Premoium luxury full set dining table plus chairs in 4 seater and 6 setar and 8 seater options. we custoimize sizes and colours so it will fit any flat or villa . we can customize size and colours and materials

sizes :

  • 4 seater table 122 cm dia
  • 6 seater Table:: 152 cm  dia
  • Package : chairs and table
  • 8 seater also available
  • 2 weeks dispatch
  • EMI available
  • pvd available on demand

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Round dining table

SS full set  table chairs

Premium circle dining table set


The most Beautiful and best selling round diniugn tables in India. Yes this is the one for you . The one dining table you have been looking for and seking in India. Made in India and made best for you . choose any colour combinations and we will make and custoimize fot you any size and colours that fits your home decor theme . we will make and deliver anywhere in India. Anywhere delivery vehichles can reach, there we will deliver!

premium luxury India dining tables
premium luxury India dining tables


Premium SS golden round marble dining table, The cicrular effect is amazing and mesmerising. Buy this luxurious dining table to make your home look like a billionaire’s den! You can seat a lot of people around a circular dining table and also have plenty of room.

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This India dining table set’s circular design allows all family and friends to be face to face and enjoy the night pleasantly.This strengthens the bonds between family and friends! These are available in 4 seater sets, 6 seater dining table chairs, and an 8 chair full set. After discussions, 10 seaters and larger can be created.


SS full set dining table chairs
SS full set dining table chairs

Now you can also customize the colours and size and material. Yes you read right., we customize the colours of chairs and table. Frame of chairs and table can be gold , rose gold, chrome or black and white. The colours of thge upholstry can be anything you can imagine and any colour thats manufactured in India.

Avalon dining table
Avalon dining table

The material of chairs can be velvet, leatherette, upholstery fabric, genuine leather. These are conditional based on availablity of colours. The customization takes a week or 2 according to the customizations needed. Then its ready to deliver.


SS full set   table chairs

Premium circle dining table set

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