shimla center table

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Buy this Beautiful centre table for your home with the curved design its a super model for centre tables in your living room décor.

  • SS frame
  • faux marble top
  • electroplated
  • colours available : gold, rose gold, chrome, black
  • all India home delivery
  • 2 weeks dispatch

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shimla center table

Discover the Elegance of the Shimla Center Table

Imagine a centerpiece that instantly elevates the aesthetics of your living space. The Shimla Center Table, a premium SS frame marble top center table set, does exactly that. Crafted with precision in India by Blue Ribbon and available exclusively on, this table is a symbol of luxury and sophistication.

Indian coffee table
Indian coffee table

Why the Shimla Center Table Stands Out

In a world where design and functionality often clash, the Shimla Center Table harmoniously blends both. The stainless steel (SS) frame provides a robust foundation, while the marble top adds a touch of timeless elegance. Perfect for contemporary homes in bustling cities like Mumbai, Delhi, or Bangalore, this table is a testament to fine Indian craftsmanship.

Customer Reviews: A Testament to Quality

“I purchased the Shimla Center Table for my apartment in Kolkata, and it’s been a conversation starter ever since,” says Aarav, a satisfied customer. Another buyer from Chennai remarks, “The blend of steel and marble is seamless. It’s not just a table; it’s a piece of art.”

Shimla Coffee table
Shimla Coffee table

The Ideal Centerpiece for Every Occasion

Whether it’s a casual get-together in Hyderabad or a formal dinner in Pune, the  Center Table fits seamlessly into any setting. Its versatile design makes it the perfect backdrop for a range of decor styles, from minimalist to eclectic.

Designed to Last: A Blend of Durability and Style

Not just a pretty face, the Shimla Table is built to withstand the test of time. The SS frame ensures durability, while the marble top is resistant to scratches and stains. It’s an investment for those who value both aesthetics and longevity.


FAQs about the coffee Table

  • Is the marble top prone to stains? No, the marble is treated to be stain-resistant.
  • Can the table withstand heavy objects? Absolutely, the SS frame is designed for strength.
  • Is assembly required? Minimal assembly is needed, and it’s quite straightforward.
Indian center table
Indian center table

Seamless Online Shopping Experience

At, we ensure a hassle-free purchase process. From secure payment options to timely delivery across India, including Jaipur and Ahmedabad, buying your Shimla decor is a breeze.

Indian coffee table
Indian coffee table

Conclusion: A Blend of Tradition and Modernity

The Center Table is more than just furniture; it’s a symbol of the fusion of traditional Indian craftsmanship with modern design principles. Available exclusively at, it’s a must-have for those who appreciate the finer things in life.


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