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Vertical Wall Decor by Indian Craftsmanship

In the bustling world of interior design, vertical wall decor serves as a unique way to elevate a space without compromising floor real estate. Made in India by Blue Ribbon and exclusively available at, the Vertical Ginkgo Leaf Wall Decor is a blend of aesthetic beauty and artistic ingenuity. In this article, we explore why this masterpiece deserves a spot on your wall.

vertical wall decor
vertical wall decor

Why Vertical Ginkgo Leaf Wall Decor is a Must-Have

Exquisite Aesthetic Value

The Vertical Ginkgo Leaf Wall Decor captures the eye with its intricate design and metallic luster. The ginkgo leaf, a symbol of resilience and longevity, infuses a sense of tranquility into any environment.

Highly Versatile

Its sleek, vertical design makes it suitable for various spaces, from tight corridors to expansive living rooms. The decor complements different design themes, be it contemporary, rustic, or traditional.

Craftsmanship That Speaks Volumes

Handcrafted in India by skilled artisans at Blue Ribbon, this wall decor embodies meticulous detail and craftsmanship that resonate with the rich cultural tapestry of the country.

Longevity and Durability

Constructed from high-quality materials, this piece promises not only visual splendor but also lasting durability, making it a wise investment for your home decor.

vertical metal decor
vertical metal decor

Easy to Install

One of the compelling aspects of this decor is its easy installation. With the necessary hardware included, turning your wall into a visual spectacle takes mere minutes.

Creative Ways to Style Your Vertical Ginkgo Leaf Wall Decor

As a Singular Statement Piece

The Vertical Ginkgo Leaf Wall Decor is so striking that it can stand alone as a focal point on a bare wall, creating an engaging aesthetic narrative.

In Harmony with Other Decor Elements

Pair it with subtle, complementary pieces like abstract art or mirrors to form a visually cohesive ensemble.

Amidst a Gallery Wall

Incorporate it into a gallery wall layout featuring other artworks and textures. Its unique design and vertical orientation will add an unexpected twist to the arrangement.

Outdoor Placement

Given its durable construction, this wall decor can also find a home in outdoor settings like patios or verandas, provided they are well-protected from extreme weather conditions.

Care Tips to Keep Your Decor Sparkling

  • Regular Dusting: A soft, lint-free cloth is all you need to keep your Ginkgo Leaf Wall Decor looking new.
  • Avoid Harsh Chemicals: Stick to mild cleaning agents to maintain the decor’s original luster.
  • Location Matters: Keep the decor away from damp or humid areas to prevent rusting over time.
metal wall decor India
metal wall decor India


Exclusive to and made with love by Blue Ribbon in India, the Vertical Ginkgo Leaf Wall Decor offers a blend of aesthetic richness and versatile functionality that suits various design palettes. Easy to install and easier to adore, this masterpiece provides a chic and timeless aesthetic that’s well worth the investment. Experience the harmonious blend of culture, craftsmanship, and creativity by adding this extraordinary piece to your collection today.

Ready to transform your living space? Visit now to purchase this remarkable piece of Indian craftsmanship.


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