Wave metal decor


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This is a beautiful Material: Iron wave design for modern homes to decorate your wall

  1. Theme: Nature
  2. Frame Material: Metal
  3. Dimensions: 99 x 74 cm
  4. all India home delivery
  5. customization available

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Wave metal decor

Blue waves metal art

Metal wall hanging

Wave Metal Decor: Bring the Ocean’s Beauty to Your Walls

Looking to bring the beauty of the ocean to your walls? Introducing the Wave Metal Decor. This metallic wall decor features an ocean wave design in mesmerizing blue, making it a captivating wall hanging decor that brings the tranquility of the sea into your home. Sold through with all India home delivery, this wall decor product from Blue Ribbon promises to infuse your living space with the serenity of the ocean.

Embrace Ocean Serenity

Embrace the serenity of the ocean with the Wave Metal Decor. Its intricate wave design captures the fluidity and calming essence of the sea. Moreover, the soothing blue color adds to the sense of tranquility it imparts.

Crafted with Precision

Crafted with precision from high-quality metal, this wall decor is a testament to artistry. Additionally, the attention to detail in its wave pattern ensures a lifelike depiction of the ocean’s movement. Furthermore, the durable metal construction guarantees its longevity.

Versatile Placement

Whether it’s your living room, bedroom, or even the bathroom, this wave metal decor complements various spaces beautifully. Moreover, its versatile placement options allow you to experiment with different wall arrangements.

wave metal decor
wave metal decor

Create a Coastal Ambiance

Hang it solo or pair it with other nautical decor pieces, the Wave Metal Decor creates a coastal ambiance in your home. Additionally, its captivating design becomes an eye-catching focal point.

Easy Installation

With simple installation, you can effortlessly hang the Wave Metal Decor on your walls. Furthermore, it comes with all the necessary hardware for convenience. Hence, you can enjoy its beauty without any hassle.

Premium Wall Decor

In conclusion, the Wave Decor is a premium wall decor that brings the beauty of the ocean to your living space. To summarize, its intricate design, serene blue color, and versatile placement options make it a perfect addition to any home decor.



  1. What are the dimensions of the Wave Metal Decor? The metal decor measures approximately 24 inches in width and 16 inches in height. In addition, this size makes it suitable for various wall spaces.
  2. Can I hang it outdoors? No, it is recommended to use the Wave Metal  indoors to protect it from weather conditions. Moreover, indoor use ensures its longevity and vibrant appearance.
  3. Does it come with hooks for hanging? Yes, the Wave  Decor comes with pre-installed hooks for easy hanging. Additionally, the hooks are sturdy and secure for safe placement.
  4. Is it a good gift choice for ocean lovers? Absolutely, the Metal Decor is a thoughtful gift for ocean lovers. Moreover, its ocean-inspired design makes it a cherished present for those who appreciate the beauty of the sea.
  5. What if the product arrives damaged? Blue Ribbon ensures safe packaging and delivery, but in case of any damage during transit, they offer a hassle-free return policy, allowing you to request a replacement or refund.

Beautiful wall hanging . This is a wall decor art hanging for Indian homes . Beautifully crafted from metal into a wonderful piece of art.

This artistic wall hanging will be an ornament for your home for sure !



Blue waves metal art

Metal wall hanging


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