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1 feet Buddha statue

1 feet Buddha statue

1 feet Buddha statue

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How can you Buy 1-feet-buddha-statue in India 

You may perhaps be interested to buy Buddha statues for your home. You might not be aware that there are several types available in the market. It will be useful to know what each of them stands for so as to make the right selection. These statues are generally installed in the home or even in any work environment. The purpose is to attract wealth, success and to ensure the mind stays focused and does not get diverted.


Which type of statue to select?

With different types of 1-feet-buddha-statue available, it is quite natural for you to get confused during the selection process. Going through this guide given below will enable you know the meanings attached with different types of Buddhas. They are as follows:

  • Protection Buddha: This type of Buddha can be found to be in standing or sitting position with the right hand in raised position.
  • Meditation Buddha: This type of Buddha is found to sit in Lotus position. Both hands are placed on the lap, while eyes are closed and face looking upwards.
  • Nirvana (Reclining) Buddha: This type of statue is said to represent a dying Buddha waiting to enter the final stage or Nirvana, lying to the right side.
  • Happy Buddha: This type of Buddha is depicted to be smiling and being in sitting position having bald head and rounded belly. To bring good luck, it is claimed that people should rub belly of the Buddha.
  • Earth Touching Buddha: These 1-feet-buddha-statue can be found mostly in Thai temples. In this case, Buddha can be noticed to be sitting placing left hand in lap while right hand points towards the ground.

There are also other Buddha forms present that includes the Medicine Buddha, Teaching Buddha and the Walking Buddha.


Other factors

Mudra or hand gestures also play a vital role as to how the statute has been represented. Based on the region, certain gestures are considered to be favorable. Charity in Thailand and Laos are better represented by extension of open right hand along with fingers in lowered position. The hand that touches the Earth tends to show Buddha having achieved enlightenment. 1-feet-buddha-statue deities as well as Bodhisattvas might share specific features of Buddha like elongated earlobes with some unique attributes. The statue might be associated with a vehicle like bird, lion or bull, thus making them recognizable.

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