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Nesting tables

Nesting tables

Marble top nesting tables

SS PVD metal nesting table India


Marble Indian nesting tables Metal
Marble Indian nesting tables Metal


Nesting tables and its tucked-in benefits

Derive a bit more space in a small apartment is indeed welcome news for all homeowners. This is more so when you have relatives and friends visiting your place that you require some extra floor space, table top or seating. It will be wise to invest in furniture that performs double duty to optimize available space. There is also furniture constructed with inbuilt storage places. If there is more table space present, then it will be wise to invest in Nesting tables.

What are they?

You may have perhaps heard about Nesting tables before, but not know about it. These are considered to be a set of 2, 3 or tables. They are of different sizes, however, have similar proportions. Their bases allow you slide effortlessly the smallest table under the larger table and so on. You may place the biggest table wherever there is required an end table or accent table. Then pull smaller tables out if extra table space is required for movie night, holidays or parties.

Nesting tables
Nesting tables

Factors to consider

When Nesting tables are concerned, you are to consider a few things. The question is how ‘big’ nest do you desire. Do you seek several sets possible or pair of tables? Such tables are available in diverse shapes, with square and round being typical ones. Also are available small triangles good enough to hold comfortably a drink. There are larger rectangles designed to act as console tables. Also you need to determine what space type you desire to fill and how you wish to use the tables.

Accent tables

There are coffee tables that tend to nest and offer more seating space around the living room. However, with stools or ottomans, it is possible to pull out if there is desired a spare seat. Slip it back underneath, once your guests have left.



You can find Nesting tables of different styles and designs. If you prefer something traditional, then there are choices available like golden oak and antique cherry having inlaid marble tops and turned legs. There is abundance of contemporary styles. You may choose from geometric, acrylic, metal and glass or molded glass shapes. You can also come across table tops made from natural materials like animal prints, tile, stone, slate and leather.

Nesting tables are also found to be of multipurpose furniture to make good use of limited space. Storage benches offer ample seating choice.


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