Buddha statue combo


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what a beautiful combo of buddha statue and tree combo just like lord buddha was meditating

  1. Combo of  of 2 piece
  2. buddha + tree
  3. led can be made available
  4. colours can be customized
  5. 61 cm buddha and 101 cm tree
  6. tree is metal
  7. all India home delivery

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Buddha statue combo

Buddha statue and backlight tree

Metal tree Buddha statue

Buddha is a revered spiritual teacher who has inspired people for centuries. His teachings offer an approach to life that can help people find peace and happiness. Buddha statues are popular home decorations because they are peaceful reminders of the Dalai Lama’s teachings. They make great gifts for anyone who loves learning or meditating, or simply wants a piece of art in their home that will beautify it.

Buddha statue and backlight tree
Buddha statue and backlight tree


Buddha statue figurines offer an interesting way to decorate your home, and can provide a glimpse of peace and serenity. These statuettes come in a variety of sizes and styles, so you can find the perfect one for your home. The benefits of owning a Buddha statue figurine include the ability to symbolise your personal beliefs. It can also be a great way to meditate and focus on your inner thoughts

Metal tree Buddha statue
Metal tree Buddha statue


Buddha statues come in various shapes and sizes. . Lotus pose Buddha statues are becoming increasingly common due to their decorative value and artistic appeal. However, each Buddhist tradition uses different sculptures for worship purposes


Absolutely, any colours of Buddha statue can be customised and delivered.

When selecting a Buddha statue figurine, it is important to consider your personal beliefs. Some people believe that these figurines are representations of the Buddha, which can be a veneration item. Others believe that Buddha statue figurines are simply decorative pieces, and can be used for any purpose. Whichever belief you have, make sure to choose a figurine that is compatible with your home. Look for a figurine that is well-made, and features a beautiful finish.

Most popular Buddha statue in our store !


Buddha statue combo

Buddha statue and backlight tree

Metal tree Buddha statue


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