Buddha statue tree




Buddha statue tree : This is an amazing combo. Buddha statues for sale in India

Buddha size is 22 inches

Tree is 40 inches metal

led backlight

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Buddha statue tree
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Buddha statue tree

Buddha statue for sale

Premium Buddha statue with led backlight tree


Buddha Statue Tree: A Majestic Symbol of Serenity and Enlightenment

In a bustling world full of stress and chaos, finding solace and peace has become essential. One way to achieve this is by incorporating elements of serenity and enlightenment into our surroundings. The Buddha Statue Tree is a mesmerizing creation that blends the beauty of a Buddha figurine with the allure of a metal tree background. With its LED backlight, this exquisite masterpiece emanates a soothing aura, bringing tranquility to any space it adorns. This article explores the significance of Buddha statues, the beauty of the Buddha figurine with a metal tree background, and the experiences of customers across India.

 The Significance of Buddha Statues

Evidently, buddha statues hold immense cultural and spiritual significance. These statues represent Siddhartha Gautama, the founder of Buddhism, who achieved enlightenment and became the Buddha.

Indeed,  they serve as reminders of the path to enlightenment, offering inspiration and guidance to those who seek inner peace. Buddha statues are often associated with qualities such as compassion, wisdom, and tranquility. By having a Buddha statue in your home or office, you invite positive energy and a sense of calm into your surroundings.

Buddha statue tree combo
Buddha statue tree combo

The Beauty of a Buddha Figurine with a Metal Tree Background

The Buddha figurine with a metal tree background is a unique and captivating piece of art. The combination of the Buddha statue and the metal tree creates a harmonious fusion of spirituality and nature.

Compared to, the intricate details of the Buddha figurine, with its serene countenance and graceful posture, exude a sense of tranquility.

Meanwhile,  the metal tree background symbolizes growth, strength, and stability. Together, these elements create a visually stunning masterpiece that serves as a constant reminder of the balance between inner peace and the ever-changing world around us.

Illuminating Your Space with LED Backlight

The Buddha Statue Tree takes its beauty to another level with its LED backlight feature. The gentle glow emitted from behind the metal tree creates a mesmerizing ambiance, evoking a sense of calm and serenity. The soft illumination enhances the visual appeal of the Buddha figurine and adds a touch of enchantment to any space. Whether you place it in your living room, meditation area, or office, the LED backlight will create a soothing atmosphere that helps you unwind and find inner peace amidst the chaos of everyday life.

Bringing Tranquility to Homes Across India: All India Home Delivery

Nevertheless, to make the Buddha Statue Tree accessible to individuals across India, we offer all India home delivery.

However, regardless of your location, you can now bring this symbol of serenity into your home with ease.  Furthermore, our reliable delivery service ensures that your Buddha Statue Tree arrives safely, allowing you to experience the profound tranquility it offers.

Equally important,  with a few simple clicks, you can embrace the spiritual presence of the Buddha in your space and embark on a journey of self-discovery and peace.

Customer Reviews: Insights 

Here are a few testimonials from our valued customers who have experienced the transformative power of the Buddha Statue Tree:

  • Mrs. Seema Raut from Mumbai: “Immediately,  the Lord buddh idol has become the centerpiece of my meditation room. Its ethereal beauty and serene aura transport me to a state of deep tranquility. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking inner peace.”
  • Mrs. laxmi narayan from Hyderabad: “As soon as I placed the Combo in my living room, I noticed a positive shift in the energy of my home. It has become a conversation starter, and everyone admires its exquisite craftsmanship. I’m grateful for this symbol of serenity.”
  • Mrs. Annamma K from Chennai: “The LED backlight adds a touch of magic to the Buddha Statue Tree. It creates a peaceful and mystical ambiance that helps me unwind after a long day. I can’t imagine my space without it now.”
  • Mrs. Mamatha Gaikwad from Pune: “The Buddha Statue Tree has brought a sense of balance and harmony to my life. Its presence reminds me to stay grounded and connected to my inner self. It’s truly a work of art.”

Conclusion: Embrace the Harmonious Aura of Lord Buddh

Undeniably, in a fast-paced world filled with chaos and stress, finding moments of peace and serenity is vital for our well-being.

Definitely,he Buddha Statue Tree offers a tangible way to invite tranquility into your life. Its mesmerizing blend of a Buddha figurine with a metal tree background, illuminated by LED backlight, creates an ambiance that fosters inner peace. With all India home delivery, this enchanting masterpiece is accessible to individuals across the country. Embrace the harmonious aura of the Buddha Statue Tree and embark on a journey of self-discovery and enlightenment.


Q1: Can the LED backlight be adjusted or turned off? A1: Definitely, yes, the LED backlight of the  Tree can be adjusted to suit your preferences. It can also be turned off if desired.

Q2: What are the dimensions of the Buddha Statue Tree? A2: The dimensions of the Buddha idol is 24 inch, but they are typically designed to fit comfortably on a tabletop or shelf. Please refer to the product description for specific measurements.

Q3: Is the Buddha Statue Tree suitable for outdoor use? A3: Surprisingly, the Buddha Figurine is primarily designed for indoor use. However, if you intend to place it in a covered outdoor area, ensure it is protected from direct exposure to the elements.

Q4: Can the combo be a thoughtful gift for someone? A4: Absolutely! The Buddha Statue Tree makes a meaningful and thoughtful gift for loved ones who appreciate art, spirituality, and tranquility. It carries a profound message of serenity and serves as a constant reminder of the importance of inner peace.

Q5: What materials does the combo use? A5: The combo uses high-quality materials to craft the Buddha Statue Tree, including resin or other durable materials for the Buddha figurine, and iron or another sturdy metal for the metal tree background.


In conclusion, the Buddha Idol is not just a decorative piece; it is a gateway to serenity and enlightenment.

Obviously, by integrating this captivating masterpiece into your space, you can create an ambiance of tranquility that nurtures your well-being.

Finally, let the Gautama statue Tree inspire you on your journey to inner peace and embrace its harmonious aura.



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