India Nesting table set of 2


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Indian Home decor  steel Table set of 2 marble top SS  PVD finishing center table with side table combo all India

  1. Material :metal frame ,
  2. marble top faux
  3. Big table 76 cm dia  &  46 cm height
    small table46 cm dia & 51 cm height
  4. Dispatch is 2 weeks approx.
  5. delivery : all India

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India Nesting table set of 2

Two marble top Tables nesting

MS and SS PVD marble tables


Discover Elegance with the India Nesting Table Set of 2

Welcome to a blend of functionality and elegance! The India Nesting Table Set of 2 is not just a mere addition to your living space; it’s a statement of luxury and smart design. Crafted with precision, each table boasts a robust stainless steel (SS) frame topped with exquisite marble, making it an instant focal point in any contemporary Indian home.

Embracing Space-Saving Sophistication

Imagine hosting a soirée in your Mumbai apartment. Space is at a premium, but style is not to be compromised. Enter the India Nesting Table Set of 2, a savior for the urban designer. Slide out the smaller table when guests arrive, and effortlessly tuck it away when the night ends. Such versatility, paired with the luster of the SS frame and the marble’s rich veins, epitomizes the ingenuity of modern Indian interior design.

India Nesting table set of 2
India Nesting table set of 2

Unveiling the Blue Ribbon Craftsmanship

Each set is a testament to the skilled artisans of Blue Ribbon. Their hands shape, weld, and polish the stainless steel to a mirror finish before it cradles the marble top – chosen with care from the finest quarries. These nesting tables are not just built; they’re sculpted with a passion that mirrors the vibrant streets of Delhi, the grandeur of the Taj Mahal, and the boundless creativity found in India’s rich cultural tapestry.

A Glance at Customer Acclaim

“Transformed my Bangalore bungalow’s ambiance,” says Aarav, a recent buyer. “The marble gleams under my chandelier like a moonlit Ganges,” he adds. And from Chennai, Priya shares, “The nesting design is a space-saver! It’s the conversation starter at my tea parties.”


Two marble top Tables nesting
Two marble top Tables nesting

The Heart of Your Decor

These tables do more than nest; they become the heart of home decor. In the fast-paced life of Kolkata, they stand as a symbol of timeless elegance. With a surface perfect for your Jaipur blue pottery or your cherished family photos, the India Nesting Table Set of 2 is as much a functional piece as it is a display podium for your life’s treasures.

The Powerhouse of Durability and Style

Moreover, this nesting table set promises longevity. The stainless steel frame is resistant to rust and wear, a perfect companion to the bustling, humid streets of coastal cities like Mumbai and Chennai. Simultaneously, the marble top remains cool and imperishable, much like the tranquil gardens of Bengaluru.

MS and SS PVD marble tables
MS and SS PVD marble tables

India Nesting table set of 2  is a highly anticipated thick frame design . made in India by Indian artisans for Home decor Interior design , these tables are an artistic production.

These tables made of SS pvd steel or SS electroplating and even MS for cost cutting .

All tables are customizable . you can change the height and colors and material and even the marble tops

You can order these beautiful Nesting Table and get it home delivered across any place in India .


FAQs: Your Questions, Answered

Q: How does the India Nesting Table Set of 2 complement my existing decor?
A: Its timeless design and the neutral palette of steel and marble integrate seamlessly with any theme, enhancing your space’s visual harmony.

Q: Can the tables be used in outdoor settings?
A: While they make a splendid addition indoors, the materials are durable enough to withstand covered outdoor environments.

Q: What makes this set a smart buy for Indian homes?
A: Aside from its space-saving feature, the premium materials ensure that the set withstands the test of time and style.

Q: How do I maintain the marble top’s pristine look?
A: Simple! A soft cloth and mild cleaner will keep the marble looking new, just like the day it adorned your space.

Q: Where can I purchase the India Nesting Table Set of 2?
A: This exclusive set is available on, your destination for premium home decor in India.

Conclusion: Your Next Home Decor Investment

Stepping into the realm of home decor, the ss Nesting Table Set of  two from Blue Ribbon, available at, is more than just furniture. It’s a blend of practicality and splendor, a must-have for those who seek the crème de la crème of Indian interior design. With their dual functionality, they’re not only a symbol of chicness but also an emblem of smart living. So why wait? Invite these marvels into your home and let the compliments flow!


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