Lotus Buddha 3 Feet


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Buy this peaceful and exquisite lord buddha statue for your home and garden and experience calm and positive vibes in your Hone !!


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Experience the Tranquility with the Lotus Buddha 3 Feet

Imbuing a sense of calm and serenity, the Lotus Buddha 3 Feet emerges as a distinguished creation by Blue Ribbon in India. This exquisite piece, showcased on, isn’t merely a statue; it’s a symbol of peace, perfect for anyone seeking a spiritual touch in their surroundings. Moreover, this three-foot-tall Lord Buddha meditating statue embodies the essence of Siddhartha’s journey towards enlightenment.

three foot Buddha statue India
three foot Buddha statue India

Customization at Its Finest

Significantly, the uniqueness of this three-foot Lord Buddha lies in its customization. Offering an array of color choices, the statue can be tailored to your personal taste. Whether it’s blending with the elegant interiors of a Delhi high-rise or adding a touch of grace to a traditional Pune bungalow, this statue adapts seamlessly to your space.

A Testament to Indian Craftsmanship

Moreover, the craftsmanship of the Lotus Buddha 3 Feet is a narrative of India’s rich artistic legacy. Artisans, with their profound skills and dedication, create each piece with intricate details, capturing the serene composure and profound tranquility of Siddhartha. Subsequently, this craftsmanship elevates the statue from a mere decorative item to a piece of art that resonates with spiritual significance.

Transforming Spaces into Sanctuaries

Indeed, introducing this splendid statue into your environment can transform any area into a peaceful retreat. Customers from the fast-paced life of Mumbai to the tranquil backdrops of Kerala have shared how the Lotus Buddha 3 Feet has infused a harmonious balance in their homes. “The statue has brought a serene vibe to our hectic life,” shares a resident of Bengaluru, reflecting the statue’s impact.

Seamless Online Shopping Experience

Furthermore, acquiring this spiritual masterpiece is made effortless by No matter where you are, from the bustling streets of Kolkata to the historic lanes of Jaipur, a few clicks ensure that your personalized Lotus Buddha 3 Feet reaches your doorstep, demonstrating the convenience and reliability of this service.

Embracing the Reviews of Serenity

“It’s a blend of art and tranquility,” exclaims a customer from Hyderabad. Another from Chennai remarks, “The ability to customize the statue allowed it to resonate beautifully with my home’s aura.” These testimonials underscore the profound impact of the Lotus Buddha 3 Feet on its admirers.

Lotus Buddha 3 Feet
Lotus Buddha 3 Feet

Addressing Your Curiosities

Is Extensive Customization Possible?

Yes, Blue Ribbon provides a wide range of colors and combinations, ensuring your Lotus Buddha 3 Feet is in perfect harmony with your personal aesthetic.

How Can I Purchase This Artistic Piece?

The statue is available for purchase exclusively on The platform is designed for a user-friendly experience, ensuring a smooth transaction and delivery process.

Is Pan-India Delivery Available?

Indeed! Regardless of your location, from the northern hills of Shimla to the southern shores of Tamil Nadu, Blue Ribbon ensures the delivery of your personalized meditating Buddha 2 bowls.

What Makes the Statue a Unique Addition?

Its fusion of traditional craftsmanship, customization options, and the aura of tranquility it brings makes this piece a unique asset for both spiritual and decorative purposes.


Is It Suitable for Outdoor Placement?

Primarily designed for indoor spaces, this Lord Buddha statue can also grace outdoor settings with proper care and strategic placement.

In summary, the Lotus Buddha figurine is more than just a statue; it’s a journey into tranquility. Its exquisite craftsmanship, customizable nature, and serene presence make it an essential addition for anyone seeking tranquility in their life. Discover the serene world of the Buddha three Feet and invite harmony into your space.

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