Pleasant Buddha statue




Buddha statue meditating pose

  1. Marble dust fibre
  2. Any colours available
  3. 2 sizes available
  4. 61 cm & 92 cm hight ( 2 feet and 3 feet height)
  5. all India home delivery
  6. 2 weeks delivery approximate
  7. COD available through WhatsApp 

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Pleasant Buddha statue

buy lord Buddha statues

meditating buddha statue


Pleasant Buddha statue is a boon for your home and family environment to have joy and peace and stability in your daily life !

Lord Buddha was the essence of peace and love and stability . Now you can Buy Lord Buddha meditating status in any colors and designs . we customise all products ti give you what you need for your ultimate satisfaction !

buy lord Buddha statues
buy lord Buddha statues


Surround yourself with peace and tranquility with this Buddha statue in lotus meditating pose .

he perfect accessory for any home or office decor, this statue will bring a peaceful atmosphere to your life.

Achieve balance & mindfulness in your life with this Buddha statue created by a renowned Buddhist artist.

Pleasant Buddha statue
Pleasant Buddha statue


Why You Should Consider Buying a Buddha Statue in India ?

Our society is not always kind, and it can be easy to lose one’s temper or get caught up in drama. We need reminders to slow down & take a deep breath every now and then.

Answer: A Buddha statue is a beautiful decoration, providing a constant reminder that we are all connected in this universe and that everything will soon pass away. It is also a powerful symbol of wisdom, compassion, discipline and peace. Imagine how your home would feel with one of these statues in the room – there would be an almost palpable air of peace. Wouldn’t you love that feeling?

Lord Buddha statues are available in 12 inch , 24 inch , 36 inch and 60 inches

we can also customise the colours . Kindly whatsapp us for details


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Pleasant Buddha statue

buy lord Buddha statues

meditating buddha statue





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