SS PVD partition

34,000.0039,000.00 IGST


Steel with golden electroplating

  3. Regular size is 213 x 61 cm
  4. Customisation available
  5. Rose gold same price
  6. Dispatch 10 days to 2 weeks approximate
  7. Delivery : all India
  8. COD : not available

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SS PVD partition

SS 304 steel curtains

Room divider screens


Decorate your home with golden room dividers made of steel for a touch of luxury. Our steel partitions come in various designs to suit your taste.

Wouldn’t it be great to have someone take care of the decoration in your home?
Solution: These steel room partition – decorate your home with these beautiful golden vertical steel frames which look gorgeous anywhere make it easy to create a seperate area in your home so you can have room for all the things and people you love.

SS pvd partitions
SS pvd partitions


f you’re looking for room partition ideas, you probably already know that it can be a challenge to find something that will suit your budget, your style, and the size of your room.

Have you ever considered gold room dividers? They look great and they won’t break the bank.
Solution: If you want to learn more about these luxury-looking gold room dividers, check out .

ss 304 steel curtains
ss 304 steel curtains


Homeowners need a way to divide rooms without having to install drywall or other materials.

This partition is perfect because it is unique, modern and doesn’t require a lot of installation time.
Solution: This is an inexpensive and durable solution for homeowners who want to divide rooms without making permanent changes.

pvd screen dividers
pvd screen dividers


Use one of our steel room partition options and your worry will melt away! Not only do they look great but they are also affordable for every budget!
A cheap way to create some privacy and make your home feel more cozy is to install our gold steel room partitions. They give you some self-contained space but still let in the light from the world outside!



SS PVD partition

SS 304 steel curtains

Room divider screens



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