Buddha statue green




Marble dust fibre Buddha statues Figurines

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Buddha statue green

2 feet Buddha

Buddha statue 3 feet

Buddha statue green figurines are a symbol of spirituality, religion and peace. These qualities are linked to the teachings of Buddhism, which originated from ancient India and now exists throughout the world. Buddha statues typically display the Buddha’s profile- with a peaceful expression on his face and a hand holding a lotus. They can be made in many different materials such as stone, bronze and wood and can be monumental or very small.

Buddha statue green
Buddha statue green


People use Buddha statues as a reminder of spirituality. The word ‘Buddha’ means ‘enlightened one’ and refers to the main teachings of Buddhism. Buddha was the name of Prince Siddhartha Gautama, who lived around 5th century BC in ancient India. He was born into a royal family and later left his home to seek enlightenment. He became enlightened under the Bodhi Tree at the age of 34 after which he attained nirvana and subsequently became known as Buddha.


green statue Buddha meditating
green statue Buddha meditating



however, there is no definitive proof that any person ever became enlightened through Buddhism. Even so, Buddha remains an inspiration to all mankind regardless of whether or not anyone has ever achieved.

Some notable features of these figurines include hand-carved facial features, hand-hammered details and hand-paint details. The bodies are made with different woods such as marble, granite, granite stone and feldspar. Each one is different because they are made with different materials. These figurines range from 3 to 11 inches in height and can be purchased online.

.Since statues come in various sizes, people can also choose which one best suits their preferences for sitting position and level of concentration.


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Buddha statue green

2 feet Buddha

Buddha statue 3 feet

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